Marco Maier.

Using deep tech to solve interesting problems.

Science and Teaching


We've recently published parts of our work on automatic flow recognition. An extended abstract has been presented at AAMAS'19 in Montreal. The full paper will be presented at IJCAI'19 in Macau. You can find the full list of my publications and supervised theses here.

Affective Computing at LMU Munich

My course on "Empathic Artificial Intelligence - Affective Computing" currently takes place every semester. It's open for both Bachelor's and Master's students. The class size is rather small, so please forgive me if you do not get accepted right away. Watch the uniworx system for when the application opens.

Management Kurzstudium Künstliche Intelligenz

This course is a 10-day program (in German language), trying to get management and C-level folks up to speed in AI. Consequently, it's lighter on tech details but gives a good overview of what's happening in the field and how it might affect/benefit the participants' companies. The program is a joint offering of German newspaper Handelsblatt, HYVE and TU Munich. You can find more details here. Feel free to reference me when signing up for the course.

AI intro seminars

From time to time, I'm offering 1-day intro seminars on AI and machine learning. These seminars are also aimed at mostly non-tech folks trying to get an intuition for what's going on this field. The next one will be in cooperation with Haus der Technik in Munich.

Dr. Marco Maier is CTO of TAWNY and Head of Artificial Intelligence at HYVE. He has received his doctorate from LMU München where he still holds a lectureship on the topic of "Artificial Intelligence / Affective Computing".

Dr. Marco Maier ist CTO von TAWNY und Head of Artificial Intelligence bei HYVE. Er hat an der LMU München promoviert und ist dort nach wie vor als Lehrbeauftragter zum Thema "Artificial Intelligence / Affective Computing" aktiv.