Dr. Marco Maier


Now pages are about what a person is focused on a this point in their life. It is somewhere in between an About page and a Twitter feed. The idea and its followers are curated by nownownow.com.

March 2023

At TAWNY, we were part of an interesting study that tried to understand how people react on an emotional level when they think about certain events in their lives. Examples could be your greatest accomplishment at work, a big win for your favorite team, or your most memorable travel experience. While people react differently to the different categories, there was one almost cheesy realization, that the most emotionally powerful moment of the series was when you hold your newborn child in your arms for the first time.

I also have been tinkering around a bit more with GPT and quickly built a small prototype that uses GPT to extract information from unstructured text. It's quite amazing how easy many of the classic NLP tasks have become with the newer LLMs.

January 2023

Writing has always been one of the main ways I learn new things and organize my thoughts. I have also written a lot of content for specific purposes such as scientific papers, company blog posts, or product documentations. Unfortunately, I often did not publish more personal endeavours — of which there are a lot because I like to explore all kinds of technological and non-technological fields.

As a new year's resolution, I set out to write more often. Since I have been evaluating the new generative AI products such as DALL-E and GPT quite extensively, I decided to not only capture my experiences and insights for myself, but to put them into a hopefully easy-to-follow guide.

It was suprisingly little work on top of the research I would have done anyway, so I hope that I'll keep up with publishing more of my own insights.

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